Eating the Seasons

There are two websites I use to meal plan. One – Eat The Seasons – and Pinterest. At the beginning of a season, I typically create a board of recipes that contain seasonal ingredients. Meaning, I’ll search “butternut squash recipes” on Pinterest, pin a few, then search for “leeks recipes,” etc. until I have a good variety.

Eating the seasons is something I am just starting to do more diligently. Here’s a list of what’s good in Jan/Feb:

According to, there are a number of reasons why we should eat more local, seasonal food:

  • to reduce the energy (and associated CO2 emissions) needed to grow and transport the food we eat
  • to avoid paying a premium for food that is scarcer or has travelled a long way
  • to support the local economy
  • to reconnect with nature’s cycles and the passing of time

But, most importantly, because

  • seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be tastier and more nutritious

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share my experiences with the Winter recipes I’ve been trying.


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